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No more guessing at solutions. Get real results using the same methods as today’s most successful brands.

Use the same methods as industry champions.

Master Your Digital Growth.

The Internet is all grown up and growing a brand takes much more than having a website, buying some ads, or trying to trick Google with sneaky SEO tactics. In fact, figuring out how to grow can be downright bewildering and overwhelming.

I help serious brands grow by partnering to ensure an understandable and comprehensive digital growth system is in place and humming.  This system is full stack design and marketing and includes the five vital elements of strategy, design, promotion, measuring and optimization.

With years of experience in branding, coding, SEO, and digital marketing — I’m uniquely suited to build this system myself, team up with your existing staff, or simply point you in the right direction.

5 Elements of Full Stack

Successful brands put these five solutions in place early. Otherwise, wins are mysterious and scaling can be a nightmare. I ensure you’ve got all five full stack solutions working together and growing your brand.



Before we build anything, let’s ensure we know what the key goals and factors are. What are we hoping to achieve? Who are the target customer segments, what are their needs, where are they at? 



Good design is about more than aesthetics, it’s about function, usability, and executing your Strategy. Let’s build out your project(s) with the user experience and conversion goals at the forefront.



Now that we have a solid Strategy and Design in place, it’s time to start growing exposure. This is where we identify and employ the right promotion strategies for your brand. Content marketing and online advertising are two good places to start.



Facts, not feelings. Guessing is a lousy way to make decisions. Let’s measure everything.

Serious businesses measure KPIs (key performance indicators) so they can make informed decisions on an ongoing basis. So we’ll put in place dashboards you can check anytime from an app on your phone.



With Strategy, Design, Promotion, and Measuring all in place we can iteratively refine and max out your desired goals.

Brian Erickson : Full stack designer and marketer

Who is Brian Erickson?

Design thinker seasoned in brand and identity development, UI/UX, SEO,  website coding, digital marketing and conversion optimization.

I’ve run my own businesses, worked with SMBs, and have been the Interactive Art Director for a multi-million dollar international publisher. This experience has positioned me to help organizations across the full spectrum of digital projects.

Clients and projects

With hundreds of projects completed, I’ve helped a wide range of clients from non-profits to multi-million dollar companies.

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